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    Lifetime Points: 0
    Gender: Female
    Location: In a cardboard box outside Sohma house!
    Relationship: Single
    Orientation: Straight
    Children: Don't Know
    Body Type: Average
    Height: 5'11"
    Religion: Mind Your Own Business
    Ethnicity: Undead
    About Me: My name is Juli, that's what most of my friends call me. Im also know as Jakadow, Jaikrein, and hells Jest.(i dont understand why i was called the last one.)I am a Vampyre and not a fake one either im in a clan and everything. I Like dragons, darkness, and anything gothic or vampiric. My entire existence is based on lies that those whom said they loved me spoke into my soul. If you are wondering yes i probably am a psyco. But oh well. x_x Im German and proud of it! Last year people called me a Nazi. I hate that! They called me that because i said that Hitler was intelligent enough to control all those ppl but stupid to attack ppl and believe that he was perfect. Gomez started it. Im also Irish, English (england english)and Scottish. i've lived in Austrailia, Germany, and Japan. i miss it there in all those places. :( Also, im a Skater, i ride birdhouse. i dont know why that's just what i liked best i guess. there's too many skaters where i live so i dont skate much anymore. I go out at midnight when no one i know is outside.
    Music: i like nine inch nails,ICP, HIM,Styx, INXS,Goo Goo Dolls, The Used , Queen, fall-out boy, system of a down,Red Hot Chile Peppers,50 cent, The white stripes, eminem,ACDC, AFI, Savage Garden, Panic! at the disco, Rammstien, Drowning pools and many others. There are too many to mention here it would fill this to capacity.
    Movies: not many but all horror and for some odd and unknown reason i love the movie the Taming of the Shrew done by the American Conservatory Theater of san francisco.

    TV: Jeff Corwin <3, EATEN ALIVE, Yo Momma, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, AH MY GODDESS, BLEACH,CHOBITS, COWBOY BEBOP, RURUONI KENSHIN,GUNDAM WING, FIST OF THE NORTH STAR, S-CRY-ED,LOVE HINA, LAIN, INUYASHA,NEON GENISIS EVANGELON, STUDIO GHIBLI, WITCH HUNTER ROBIN, WOLF'S RAIN, TRIGUN, SPIRAL, KIDDY GRADE, READ OR DIE,IKKI TOUSEN,HELLSING,GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONE COMPLEX, FLCL, FRUITS BASKET, AND DIGI CHARAT. BUT THAT'S ONLY THE ONES I CAN REMEMBER. There are many more but my mind is a little stretched lately. @_@. Im completely crazy about anime as you can already tell. In fact when i look for guys i actually base my decision off of anime. like if they are similar to an anime person i like. like i said im way too in to anime.
    Books: Stephen king, dean koontz, Danielle Steele, Annette Curtis Klause, Anne Rice, and Katherine Ramslad. but i also like many others in fact if i put them all here it would look almost like my TV section but longer.
    Likes: black, dragons, tigers, reading, art, anime, silver, spiders , snakes, scorpions, lizards, frogs, FIRE, salamanders, hellbenders, mud puppies(which are like hellbenders),Great Danes and all other animals except bees. Sea food, Paganism, vampirism, gothism, and a bunch of other ism's. Swords. Vmk (it is really lame but it is fun because i have more friends there than in rl) Germany, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Guyana, and Scotland.
    ( sees something pink and runs away SCREAMING!)
    Also i do not especially like bees or Raisins because im allergic. i hate tomatoes.
    Sometimes, oddly enough, i hate America. Our whole country has gone down the tubes. if our leadership was changed then maybe we would have a chance. I HATE BRITTANY ITULE'. MUST KILL HER!(you probably don't know her she goes to my old school.)

    Hobbies: reading, drawing, Sword Skills, Skate Boarding, fishing ( in arizona?), basketball, soccer, & club managment. Pyrokinetics *-*
    Vices: ACTING LIKE I KNOW EVERYTHING, laughing at others pain. ADHD. being a bitch, and correcting others' spelling.
    is insanity a vice? Im not allowed to have sharp objects.
    Virtues: Please kill me. PLEASE? x_x

    (some wouldn't say this is a virtue. they are wrong. very, very wrong.)
    Heroes: I have none and never will. I am my own person and do not model my life after another.

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